Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Country Inspired

I have been watching the inauguration activities off and on today in the midst of clients, packing for a trip and the basic goings on of my day. Not only is today one of great history making with the swearing in of our first African American president, but it is a day where it appears our entire country is inspired to create positive change.

Witnessing the outpouring of support, the excitement in the faces of those watching the proceedings, either in person or from their own cities, I felt hope to be a palpable emotion that permeated every crowd. With hope comes intention and commitment. Without a doubt, with pure inspiration, we as a country can move beyond each obstacle and challenge currently in our collective path.

The most joy-filled piece of this political pie that I am enjoying is the thought that we as a country can shift our minds and actions from a stand against ___________(fill in the blank) to one of a positive focus for ___________(fill in the blank) that will ultimately serve us all. A positive attitude that creates respectful conversations will surely pull us up from a crawl to standing, and then leaping to new heights.

What each of us is called to do is to be open for change and cooperation, listening to other's ideas as we share our own.

I am one person, fully inspired, standing with countless others as I support our new president in leading our country to truly be a model for freedom and prosperity for all.