Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am Here Now

At any given moment we are somewhere and that means physically, mentally and spiritually. Our bodies may be in one place, but our minds and spirits in another. How often we daydream about what was or what may be, missing the ecstasy of this moment.

What is truly a joy is when our bodies, minds and spirits are aligned, and we are totally present in the what is now. To manage that feat, we must stop our thoughts, feel what is then present and then surrender to it. It is in this place of bliss that there is only joy and love. Fear disappears as the thoughts subside. Knowing all is well and peace is what is true is what fills our hearts.

I am typing these words in a hotel lobby in Sacramento and am filled with gratitude for what was, is now, and what will be. Surrounded by the sounds of people working and guests coming and going, I can still be present and feel peace within. By holding this focus the rush and stress around me does not affect me. I can feel peace at any time I choose.

In a moment, I will exit this page, and move on amongst the other travelers, but taking with me the peace of presence.

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