Monday, February 2, 2009

Fear For Our Lives

In our society we often hear people share their fears about dying. I imagine it is the fear of the unknown that creates an aversion to even contemplating the end of one's life. We humans seem to try to resist that which we don't understand and with our resistance we create a gap in our life as we fear our death.

Another significant fear that can interrupt the joy of living is actually to live fully. For some, it is the thought of not holding back or living up to the glorious being that they are, that scares them the most. Sometimes it seems easier to play small and pretend you don't matter. We can create a story about ourselves that makes us out to be unimportant or ordinary, which justifies our fear of living fully.

Living in fear of death and/or of living fully does not have to be the norm. Another choice would be to live fully allow yourself to rise to every occasion that blesses your life experience. Imagine openly and joyfully embracing every opportunity that makes your heart sing. Imagine boldly following your heart's desire without fear of failure. Imagine making decisions that honor you, rather than someone else that believes they know what is best for you.

You cannot live in fear and in freedom at the same time. I encourage you to notice where you stand in your life. What are you afraid of? Death, or living a no holds barred life? Perhaps it is both. Once you get clearer on where you stand, notice how it feels and then decide how you want to feel.

I imagine that once you are committed to living fully and without fear, death will no longer be resisted, but seen as just another part of the life experience.

The bottom line of this story is we will all eventually have our lives come to an end here on earth. How we spend our time living is up to us.

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