Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Made With Joy

Last evening I had the pleasure to be in the audience for a local Community Concert featuring Pianafiddle. The duo consisted of two men with a generation between their ages. Lynn Wright, the eldest and a phenomenal piano player comes from a very interesting and diverse musical and professional background. Adam DeGraff, the violinist/fiddler, also hails from a history strongly woven around his love from music, which took him from the predictable structure of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra to his current partnership.

Together this pair co-creates something new every time they play. They manage to weave together many genres of music, often co-creating something original in the moment. Listening to their broad selection of types of music and watching them work, or rather play, together was a beautiful inspiration for the powers of co-creating.

What I saw was a partnership of two musicians that obviously loved and respected one another as well as the music they created. Magic happened as they played, leaning into one another, playing off each other's notes and obviously feeling complete joy in their process. I am convinced without question, this act is not an act.

The inspiration for me, other than wanting to play their CD over and over again, is in the power of trusting another, blending the gifts, talents and intuitive instincts to co-create something that could not be created alone.

Check out their website at to hear a bit of their music magic.

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