Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Route 287.....A Metaphor For Life

This afternoon I was driving home from a doctor's appointment and was in the mood for a more challenging drive, so I chose Route 287, a curvy road through the woods instead of the faster and straighter highway that is more convenient. The roads were clean, so I had no concerns of ice and snow complicating my trip. Although it was a bit cold, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and there were beautiful clouds waltzing above me.

As I drove the 44 miles north it struck me how the unpredictability of Route 287 imitates my experience of life.

This road has lots of curves, some are long and slow, some short and sharp. To take the curves smoothly, I accelerate coming out of them. On some of the sharper curves, I slowed down a bit assessing the curve and then adjusted my speed going into it. This technique is similar to how I try to live life. I use some caution, but I don't slow down to a stop. I trust myself and keep on moving, accelerating and feeling the thrill of the hug of the road as I pull away.

Route 287 also goes up and down as it traverses the mountains. Some dips are pretty steep and as in life, can seem pretty scary. As I continue to travel along (driving and living), the road always eventually levels out and sometimes even rises to a peak with a beautiful view of what is ahead.

At times my drive took me through a densely wooded area which blocked the sun and made my experience very dark and feeling cold. I knew, however, if I just kept on moving I would drive out of the darkness and back into the light. If I am truly present, I can appreciate the darkness and the light.

Today I had the road to myself. In the nicer weather, I could typically expect many other vehicles trying to pass me, or slowing me down. Another great comparison to life when we live relative to the choices and actions of others.

Today was a very peaceful and yet stimulating drive that I thoroughly enjoyed. Perhaps it is because I can never see exactly what is beyond the next turn in the road. I love surprises and meet them with a willingness to enjoy the ride!

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