Sunday, February 1, 2009

Universal Desire

While in Sacramento last week I had an awareness (not necessarily new, but a reminder) of a universal desire we all hold, regardless of our age, background or current state of life.

This thought of universality struck me while co-leading a workshop for a group of retirees at Christ Unity Church in Sacramento. The workshop title was Retire and Refire and our focus was on inspiring the participants to honor who they are and follow whatever dreams and desires that call them to full aliveness. Our discussion was stimulating and joy filled.

As I listened to the participant's desires and felt their joy as they spoke, it struck me how I feel the same way when I am working with a group of teens or doing Essence Leadership training in a business. Although the specific dreams and desires may change some of the time, the underlying desire remains the same.

The universal desire I witness repeatedly is to simply be happy and to feel doesn't change. Somehow, paying attention to this fact feels very good to me. It creates a sense of oneness that crosses the span of generations, lifestyles and even cultures.

I am also energized to think about how I can strengthen my own ability to live joyfully and with freedom. It feels like my joyful inner child handed off the baton of joy to the teen and then on to the young the middle aged woman... and to the wise old person that I will become. This sense of universality feels right and natural. The only change I hope for is that it I may welcome JOY even more than I am now.

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