Thursday, February 12, 2009

When, What, Where, Why....and Who?

In our process of life we have many questions. There is much we don't understand. Our questions begin with when, what, where, why and sometimes who.

We have a life long hunger for understanding and yet we typically do not feel satisfied. When we don't feel satisfied, we ask again, perhaps changing our questions slightly. We ask and ask, sometimes getting frustrated and then we ask about our frustration. If only we could get the answers we were wanting....or any answer for that matter.

The truth is, all of our questions are answered. What is missing from our experience is being still and silent enough to hear. We may not hear a voice telling us exactly what we should do next, but we will receive a quiet, gentle reassuring message that all is well. When we feel the safety and freedom of love, we can then be inspired, guided and directed in whatever way will best serve us.

When we allow our minds to quiet, we can tap into a loving voice that resides in us always. Some call this voice God, Divine inspiration, your inner spirit or the intuition of your soul.

I encourage you to be still. Quiet your mind, relax into the gentleness of eternal love and then be open to receive. When the questions cease, when the resistance is gone, the answers will be known.

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