Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Every day we are exposed to the creativity, thoughts and actions of other people and situations. If we are well aligned with ourselves and not operating from ego, we will be inspired by what we see. On the other hand, if our ego is driving the bus of our lives, we are likely to be jealous or resentful when we witness the happenings and creations going on around us.

I've been in both camps, spirit and ego, and it is much more joy-filled to be in the spirit camp where I can be inspired by the choices, actions and creations of another person. One of my secret tricks for keeping myself in a "feel good" mode, is to be open to, and actually even look for the high points of other people's lives. Seeing what is possible for someone else, reminds me the same is true for me.

When I am truly seeing through the eyes of spirit, I can see that whatever was created was because that individual was tuned into a state of belief and openness. In the past, that would hook me (since I wasn't experiencing the same thing). Now, I can celebrate it and know that inspiration and some follow up action and results are available to me as well.

When I see my fellow humans as equal to me, not better...not worse, I can imagine that whatever I am witnessing as far as leaving a positive mark on the world, is also there for me. If I see myself as less-than, the result will be playing small, dull and without much fun. It is like having a hole in your rowboat and slowly sinking, while others skim along the waters having great fun along the way.

Knowing it is not the destination that is the most important, but the ride that counts, I am inspired to live my life with great anticipation, joy and gratitude.

With that, I can't lose....either can you!

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