Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Life Menu

Imagine sitting down in a lovely restaurant and picking up the menu to peruse before deciding what you would like to order. Before ordering, most of us would probably also assess how hungry we are and what would taste good at that current time. Since there is a price for what we order, that may also have some impact on what we choose.

In general, our choice is likely to represent our unique preferences and tastes. If you're dining with someone that loves sushi and you could not imagine eating raw fish yourself, it's not likely you would order it too. If you're not very hungry, you might order less than your dining partners. Maybe you'd always keep your eye tuned for something healthy. Overall, your menu choices would be a reflection of you, essence, what you would prefer and enjoy in that moment.

If you can imagine that your life also comes with a menu. It may not come in a book like format, where you turn pages and read the courses, but it is right there in front of all of us everyday. You get to choose that which is best for you based on your distinct preferences. Some choices are far reaching, affecting your life for a long time. Other selections may affect only the the present moment.

Regardless of what it is you choose, I would hope your choice represents your preference. What would taste, smell and feel good for you. Even if you later discover that what you chose was not what you thought it might be, you get to choose again.

Approaching life in this Menu approach keeps us present and conscious of what each choice may create in our life (bitter or sweet) and will always teach us something as well. Interestingly, by choosing the thoughts we think, we are also choosing from the Life menu. Sometimes our thoughts give us a taste of JOY, other times, they make us feel ill.

For me, I love to try things I haven't tried before, so I will be looking for what's new on the menu. I also love the comfort food of life and a sweet and simple dessert that calls me to savor every bite. I try not to eat too fast, so I can fully enjoy each course. Before I eat, I bless the food and after each meal, I give thanks for how it will nourish me.

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