Friday, February 27, 2009

Life is Good

There is a popular company that uses the words Life is Good as their trademark. My husband and I own several T-Shirts with these words and a picture of simple stick figures enjoying an activity such as running, motorcycling, fishing and my personal favorite... riding a teeter-totter, reminding the reader of the importance of life balance.

There is a cartoon cut from the newspaper on my refrigerator door right now with a picture of a car parked in a tow zone, with a Life is Good decal in the back window and a meter maid, writing a ticket as she says "Life isn't so good now, is it?"

I laugh whenever I see it because I know life can be good no matter what is happening. As long as I don't identify with the situations that occur in life as being a part of me, and I can accept whatever is happening rather than resisting it, my peace and joy can be undisturbed.

If we measure life's goodness only by the things that are outwardly going well, we are setting ourselves up for eventual disappointment. If instead, we allow ourselves to feel good inside, no matter what is happening outside, feeling good can be the norm.

A great way to practice is to pay attention to all that you're grateful for. As the power of gratitude builds, seeing that Life is Good gets easier.

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