Monday, February 23, 2009

The Sisterhood

I am blessed with many close friends that truly care about me and what is happening in my life. In fact there is a group of 6 of us that began our journey as a Sisterhood, or actually a Sistaaaaaahood, in late October.

That gathering was held over a long week-end in a charming cottage in the woods. We shared stories of the past, dreams for the future and some wonderful comfort food. We also each wrote a piece in a beautiful leather bound journal that represented our individual experiences. At the conclusion of that special week-end, we set the intention to meet every three months to update one another on each other's status.

Last night was the second installment for our check-ins. As we sat around the table after dinner, one by one, we shared an update on what was present in our lives NOW, what we wanted to create, and what might be getting in our way. It was beautiful to hear and see the gentle, loving support we all gave and received.

Many of us, as we navigate the busyness of life, tend to forge through alone, without the support, encouragement, love, laughter and challenges of people that love us unconditionally. What seems ironic, is that most of us living in today's world experience the same challenges and distractions, and yet we do it alone. I can't help but wonder how much more joy would be present in the world if there were more Sisterhoods and Brotherhoods, supporting one another along the way.

My Sisterhood holds me accountable to step up and truly live the life I say I want to live. I'm glad somebody is keeping track of me. Who's keeping track of you?


Deb said...

I'm honored to be one of the "a"'s in that Sistaaaaaa-hood! My life is so much richer now because of you and the others.


Kate said...

Yeah for us for creating it!
Love and Joy,