Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Dance

There is something absolutely beautiful for me in the metahpor of a dance....that is when the dance is guided by trust, confidence and joy.

Whether dancing the metaphorical dance of life, or physically moving on the dance floor, there is an element of trust that is needed to be present to allow yourself to relax and glide along...especially when you are going backwards and cannot see where you're going.

If you are constantly looking over your shoulder, the flow of movement is interrupted. If you repeatedly stop your movement, joy cannot build. If you take your steps with fear of being hurt or making a mistake, your dance will feel awkward and uncomfortable. If you allow yourself to glide along in complete trust of your intuition, your movement will feel effortless.

Perhaps what can put the dance of life in perspective is considering what matters the dance looks, or the joy of the process in moving across the dance floor.

In my dance, whether I choose to whirl around with joy or float along in deep peace, I want it to be authentically, my dance.

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