Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blissed Out

I have a habit of creating very nice experiences for myself. Some are just little things like an afternoon coffee break with a good book. Others have a much stronger this evening.

I just returned home from a two hour full body massage that was the ultimate gift to myself. The total relaxation (no muscle was left untouched) created a feeling of bliss. My mind was clear although it was not active. My body felt strong and resilient. My heart was open, fully receiving. The careful attention to the specific techniques throughout the massage were answers to what my body was asking for. It was a treat for all of body, of course, but also for the mind and spirit.

The wonderful thing about this experience is that the Blissed Out feeling of peace and appreciation feels natural.....the way I am meant to feel. I will gratefully repeat the experience next month.

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