Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dance without Looking

While on my walk early this morning, I listened to my I Pod as it randomly played songs. ( I love being surprised) A beautiful song came on by Linda Elder. There was a line about not looking at your feet when you dance. It reminded me of a time I was taking dance lessons and was instructed to trust that my feet will find their way... that I didn't have to watch them.

To see this little lesson on dancing as a life metaphor, the connection seems perfect. Life is a dance after all. If I trust myself and simply stay present, following the rhythm of the music, the dance is a joyful experience. If I second guess every step, or am fearful I may make a mistake, the dance is not going to be much fun. If I simply follow where I am led, my experience will be much easier than plotting out my every move. I might miss step or even stumble, but I regain my balance, tune in to the music that is currently playing, and begin again.

I love to dance....especially when it isn't choreographed. I love living my life the same way.

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