Friday, August 22, 2008

Natural JOY!

I love to be inspired and a source of great inspiration for me is in watching children naturally be themselves.

Yesterday was beautiful....temperature was in the low 80's, sunny, light breeze, no humidity. On days like that, I usually find somewhere to go in my Boxster with the top down. While on my way out of town I stopped at a stop sign and saw about 30 pre-school age children, lined up in pairs, walking to the pool from the local Child daycare center.

The line up of these cherubs was long. There was an adult leading the pack, two in the rear and one in the middle. It looked very similar to a mother duck leading her ducklings to the water.

The timing was that just as I came to a stop, the line up was waiting to cross. Naturally, I waved them on and got to sit and enjoy the scene as they passed. As they walked by in two's, with their towels draped over their necks, some wearing sunglasses, each little face showed complete and natural JOY! Many of them looked at me and waved. All were apparently delighted to be going to the pool and obviously were enjoying the trip getting there.

This natural presence and enjoyment inspires me to live my life this way. Even though a goal or desire for my life may be a bit off in the distance, enjoying each moment getting there makes the walk of life much more pleasant to experience.

Isn't that how we were meant to live? Ask a child, I'm sure they'll agree.

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