Monday, December 29, 2008

Preparing to Say Good-Bye

The year 2008 has been a good one, but I am ready to say good-bye. It has been a full year for me with much to look back on with gratitude, but I am still ready to say good-bye.

There is something about putting up a new calender with twelve months of possibilities hiding in its pages. I love not knowing what is to come...the mystery of experiences, challenges and opportunities. Although I have some plans already made for the new year, there is much wide open space for great stuff to be created.

So as I reflect on the past and look into the future, it is the excitement of the unknown that grabs my attention. Maybe another way to express what I feel without creating a sense of me tossing off the old, is that I have harvested many joys and many lessons from 2008 that will actually move ahead with me. I have lived 2008 fully ( at least in 2 days I can say that) and hold no regrets.

I expect to say the same at this time in 2009.

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