Friday, November 28, 2008

The Gift of Love....No Strings Attached

During my meditation time this morning I wondered how there could be more peace and less war, both inwardly and outwardly in each of us that share life on this planet. I began to think about those whose behavior is negative or mean to others and if they deserve to be loved.

This negative behaving soul may commit crimes. They may be greedy and selfish and belligerent. They may steal from the innocent. They may bully and intimidate others. They may even deliberately maim and kill.

Although the truth is love is available to each of us, all we have to do is allow it to be felt, I wonder if each member of the human race got to vote for who we believed were deserving of the gift of love, who would we vote for?

Would we vote for anyone that falls into the category described above? Would we only vote for the people that perform generous and kind deeds for others? Would we vote only for the victimized and oppressed? Would we give our vote for those that give their time and energy to help others? Would we vote for people that are wealthy, or would we believe their money was a great substitute for love? Would we vote for all children or only those that were well-behaved? Would we vote for people of all colors and from all countries, or only those that shared our heritage?

As you think about the many variables as there are people, you may find yourself saying "yes" as a vote for some and "no" to others. I know many of us already do this voting within our own's called judging.

Imagine what it would be like if love was given and received by strings attached. All a person would have to do is receive it. Love would not have to be earned or voted upon by a panel of their peers. Love would simply be available to every person, unconditionally.

I'm sure there are those that would see this unconditional gift of love to be unfair and that those that were brutal or unkind should not receive this gift. My counter thought is if the gift of love was received by those that commit crimes against others, would they still deliberately steal, hurt and bully, or would those brutal forms of behavior no longer be present? Can one be living in a state of love and be unkind at the same time? I think not. If my hypothesis is correct, then wouldn't it make sense to vote for all to have love unconditionally and not wait for the behavior to change to a more positive way of living first?

So, the next time you see someone behaving in a way that offends you, imagine how this person would be if love were present within them. In fact, notice how your own behavior varies dependent on your level of love in that moment.

I believe, without question, that if we saw all people to be worthy of love, including ourselves, we would all be happier, kinder and more joyful human beings. It is then we will live in peace.

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