Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Side Effect of Massage

Last evening after enjoying a 2 hour blissful massage, I discovered the weather took a drastic turn leaving a few inches of very slippery snow on the road. I typically avoid driving on ice or snow if I can help it, but in this case, there was no helping it. My travel distance was over ten miles and traffic was barely moving due to the slippery conditions.

Typically my posture in a driving situation such as this would be very tense and tight with a strained grip on the steering wheel. I was amazed to notice in my extremely relaxed post-massage state that I felt calmer, more trusting and relaxed as I slowly made my way home. My hands on the steering wheel were relaxed although my level of alertness was high. I noticed my fear level was low, which made the experience much easier to be with.

What I realized after safely returning home, was that the state of complete relaxation secondary to the massage was still very present. This peaceful side effect lessened my fear and helped to make a potentially very stressful situation, easy. I believe if this drive occurred before the massage, it would have been a different story.

The application I am making to life in general is when we take care of ourselves in every way and focus on activities that create relaxation, then the 'stuff' of life is not as stressful. It makes sense that we will better be able to meet even significant challenging situations with greater ease.

I am so convinced of this deduction, I will continue to have monthly massages and will find other ways to help me experience more peace and less fear.

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