Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks and Giving Every Day

Today is Thanksgiving. My family and a good friend that joined us for dinner, just said good-bye. We had a lovely time enjoying special foods, drinks, games and conversation. Everyone was at their best and contributed in some way to making the day a memorable one. I know this scene was played out in homes all over the country with countless families and friends gathering together to share a warm and wonderful day.

I always tend to wonder what it would be like if the same feel and level of interest for one another occurred every day. What would it be like if we tended to always share our food with someone else? What would the world be like if we remembered to give thanks for one another and the many blessings we enjoy on a daily basis?

I'm not suggesting we have huge feasts filled with extravagant foods every day, but to just get into the practice of fully enjoying whatever is on our plate, and sharing our lives in a more personal way with those we love, and maybe even some strangers.

It seems that once the holiday is over, we all go back to life as usual. We may not think again about being thankful until next November. Since it feels so good to share our bounty and to be really present with others, why not make it happen more often? Isn't it worth the effort to feel that good? Being grateful cannot help but create positive change for all that take part. Seems like an easy answer to solving all of the world's problems.

Conversations about the economy, war, the environment and feeding the hungry would be discussed over dinner. Since all that take part in Thanks and Giving would be in a state of gratitude and love, there would be patience, understanding and a willingness to listen present in everyone. Yep, I believe we would have answers and solutions to all the questions that plague our country and the world in no time. The understanding would be that everyone shared themselves and some form of food. What a feast it would be!

I'll bring my joy and Sweet Potato Casserole. What will you bring?!

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The Mind Coach said...

Great inspitation. I posted a similar comment on my blog. i would count it a blessing to have you vist me.