Sunday, November 23, 2008

Deliberate Thought

One thing that is available to each of us is our ability to think. Some of us thinkers tend to focus on what's wrong in our lives...what needs to be fixed or changed. Others focus on what's positive and can tend to expect everything will work out for the best. One view supports complaining, the other, appreciation and gratitude.

Although I'm quite sure those that focus on what's wrong may believe that their thinking about, talking about, and even dreaming about that which they are unhappy, do not see their thinking is actually adding to their negatively perceived situation. This may be true for the positive thinkers too. They may not be making the connection between their thoughts and feelings of well being.

When you get to the core of the power of thought, the truth is you cannot feel joy when you complain or focus on lack. By the same token, regardless of any one's current situation, no matter how dire it may seem, positive thoughts of hope, love and gratitude will always create positive feelings. If you agree this is true, doesn't it make sense to practice deliberate thought?

Some from the negative camp may counter with an argument that it is impossible to be positive when the bills cannot be paid or when facing a serious illness. The truth is that all of the worry, complaints and negative conversations will never change a thing. The result will always produce feelings of sadness, hopelessness or fear.

On the other hand, focusing on anything that creates a sense of appreciation and gratitude cannot help but produce more positive, better feeling emotions.

One example where I created a shift for myself was in paying bills. I noticed when I would look at the gradual increase in the cost of my utility bills, I felt victimized (that never feels good). The change I made was in focusing on being grateful that I have the convenience and comfort of electricity in my home. I focused on how great it feels to have heat in the winter and the convenience of driving my car wherever I need to go. That switch to gratitude cured me of my lamenting about the increase in my bills. Since I was going to pay the bill anyway, feeling good was my choice.

I also consciously practiced deliberate thought when diagnosed with cancer. My entire cancer experience from diagnosis through surgery and recovery was much easier than I knew was possible....all because of my positive thoughts.

Since awareness is always the first step in any area of spiritual growth, I encourage you to notice what you're thinking about and what emotions are connected to your dominant thoughts. If you should decide to practice deliberate thought in a positive form, I guarantee you will be better able to handle all that comes your way.

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