Monday, November 24, 2008

The Truth About You

In a world where we all seem to make constant judgments of ourselves and one another it can be confusing to even consider what the truth may be about you. Whether we are paying attention to the negative comments we hear about ourselves, or are buying into the positive opinions others hold of us, we can be deluding ourselves.

To get to the truth, we have to sift through all of the roles we play, the expectations we try to live up to and the opinions others hold of us. I am not suggesting you are not as good as you think. I am saying, however, that you are made of more goodness than you ever believed existed. This realm of self-understanding cuts to the core of you.....that which is the soul of you. There is nothing bad about it. Who you really are is pure and positive. We all are. Find that hard to believe? Are you wondering about all of those folks out there that are doing "bad" things? Are you remembering some of your own less than pure moments in life? Well, once you sift through all of the "doing" elements, you get to the "being" elements. It is the being of you that is the truth.

At this point you may have either already exited this page or are curious if this may be true. If you're still reading, I encourage you to look beyond all that you have done....that which you are proud of and that which you are not. Look closely and discover the magnificence....the love of you....the joy that rests in the heart of you. This is the truth. If you find that difficult to see, then imagine removing all of the other elements that obstruct the truth. These would be the stories you've told yourself over the years. It would also help to sift through any fears you may hold that keeps you feeling separate.

Yes, the truth about you exists and is waiting for you to discover it. The good news is you are not separate. We are all in the same spiritual boat. Once you connect with the truth about you, your ability to see the truth in others will also come along quite naturally.

If this concept intrigues you, I suggest you spend some time truly getting to know yourself.....the truth about you. I guarantee, you will love what you discover.

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