Friday, December 12, 2008

Child Wisdom

If we adults paid more attention to the natural responses and actions of children, I believe we would all be happier. This, I believe is true on many levels and one specific area I'd like to focus on in this writing is a child's ability to believe.

A frequent side effect of maturity is cynicism. Where we once had amazing imaginations and creativity when we were children, often times as adults we exchange that colorful way of living life for a more practical and sensible way of only just looking at the facts.

One fact may be that your bank account is low. Purely looking at this fact could feel pretty sad...even a bit desperate. The child's view may be one based on the pure ability to believe anything is possible. The child may think, " can't get much worse, it will be great fun to see it now, let's see how can I make it grow?"

If there is some medical insult to an adult's health, they may fear the worse and lose hope for ever feeling better again. A child's belief may include a knowing that all that can be done, will be done and that until they are well again, they will accept what is present and make the most of it. They will also be delighted by any little gift one would give them as they recuperated.

The possibilities for bumps in the road of life are endless and without question, my money is on the children for more consistently believing that all will be well again. If you're thinking that sometimes things don't turn out all right, that is true, yet even when that is the case, the lack of belief and the absence of hope can drain the joy out of anyone very quickly.

The lesson I take from the natural element of a child's wisdom and their ability to believe is to allow myself to feel loved and cared for, and to be open at each step of the journey, knowing that whatever the outcome, all will be well.


Pamela said...

It find it interesting how often you and I are thinking along the same lines Kate! On Wednesday I was on a field trip with a group of special needs children. My particular student has never been on a bus before and was very excited to finally have the opportunity to ride a bus. An activity that most would see as mundane, yet he was overjoyed! It made me realize that one of the things I enjoy most about working with young children is the way in which they view the world. Everything is so fresh and new and exciting and full of possibilities. It's very refreshing to share in that joy and excitement! And it makes the day a little more fun when you allow yourself to view the world through the eyes of a child.

Kate said...

It must be due to Peej being so present lately. I enjoy her being around and am looking forward to what may be coming next.