Sunday, December 7, 2008


There are some words in the English language that are particularly appealing to me. Sometimes when I hear a word it makes me pickle. I'm not sure why, it just does. Some words wake me up and make me stand up straight, such as empowered or believe. Some words stimulate me to think, like wonder or create. The words love, peace and joy also have a very powerful affect on me, causing me to remember their essence is always within me. The word I am focusing on today is one that creates ease for me when I see it, hear it, or speak it and that word is simple. Of course I am also fond of the cousins to simple....simplify, simplicity, simply.

So what is it about simple that it has such a powerful effect on me? One thing I know is that I love it when I am living in ease, and keeping things simple helps to create ease. Having reminders of keeping it simple when I am far too focused on a project, rather than the people I am intending to serve, is always helpful. I have signs in different rooms of my home that often catch my eye when I am making things far too complicated that remind me of the power of simplicity.

When I see a reminder of the art of simplicity, I simply slow down...I take a breath and ask myself where am I creating drama and confusion that is not needed, not that drama and confusion are ever needed. Once I get present and see what I am creating in the moment, I let go of something, or at times, just stop what I was doing so I can refocus on what is truly important.

Creating our own chaos and confusion is quite common for many of us. We can tend to live amongst numerous dramas that only pull us away from keeping our lives simple, easy and joyful. The good news is once we see where we are contributing to making life hard, we can change our thoughts about it, stripping away that which is unnecessary, making our lives simple and easy. All it takes is one thought at a time.

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