Saturday, December 13, 2008

Open for Surprises

This is the season for gift giving and surprises. There can tend to be a lot of suspense as children and adults alike hope they'll receive that special gift they asked for. Many people of all ages cannot take the suspense and will tend to sneak a peek. Others relish the surprise and find the suspense leading up to the big opening to be a major factor of the joy in receiving a gift.

I am, without question, one that truly enjoys a surprise. I love not knowing what I may receive, and in some cases, if I will even receive something. I prefer to not expect anything, let alone a particular item. My belief is you cannot be disappointed, if you are not attached to anything in particular.

If there is a gift for me, I love to be present in the moment wondering what it could be. I'm grateful, not only for the gift itself, but for the fact that someone took the time to think of me and make or purchase something especially for me. My joy level typically cannot be distinguished by the expense or size of the gift, since it is the love behind it that really delights me.

My delight in surprises is also true in life. I love not knowing what is going to happen next. There's a bit of a rush just watching how things develop leading up to an event or a particular experience. There was a time when I tended to plan everything, leaving no room for surprises. Now, I tend to create experiences that will have many open doors leaving room for surprises to enter.

It seems, the more I let go of control and surrender to what is, the bigger the kick I get out of seeing what shows up. I particularly love it when my life experiences surpass anything I could have ever imagined. This is no small feat, since I do have quite an imagination.

I notice I have been influenced by the spirit of children a lot lately, and this topic is no exception. Anticipating whatever is next for me in my life, without knowing exactly what it will look or feel like, makes me smile.

My goal with any of the surprises that show up in my life, is to see each experience as a gift. Part of the surprise may be in how I handle a challenge, or it may be in how fearless I can be, or more importantly, in how grateful I can be.

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