Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Story

Early this morning while out for a walk, I came upon a middle aged couple walking towards me. We were on a back road with no traffic and no interferences for a friendly connection. In my typical way, I greeted the couple with a "Good Morning". There was no verbal response, only a raising of their eyes from the pavement to me. In fact, there was no sign of a friendly response of any sign of a smile or even a nod of acknowledgment. As we passed, I turned around and wished them a pleasant day, this time, not expecting a response.

In the past, I may have made up a story that this couple didn't like me. Although they were complete strangers, my imagination could have stretched in creating a wild story even about why they didn't like me. Another path my creativity could have taken is that this couple would have been anti-social....or maybe depressed....or perhaps insane and escaped from an institution.

At the present time, I am happy to say, my old story making tendency did not surface. I did not take offense, nor did it disturb me that they did not return my friendly greeting. The truth is I don't know what may have been present for this couple and it actually doesn't matter.

Catching ourselves making up stories is one of the most effective ways to reconnect with the truth of what "is". At times, we can be so convinced that our story is true, our day and even our life can be negatively affected by it.

If you find it challenging to break your habit of making up stories, then I suggest you try making one up that feels good. Often times our stories make us feel scared, confused and insecure and although they are not based on the truth, we can be convinced they are. Exchanging those thoughts with ones that make us smile and even laugh at ourselves can change your day to a positive an instant.

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