Thursday, December 11, 2008

Human or Spirit?

In the experience of living my own life and observing the process of life of others, it seems we choose to either see ourselves as primarily human (physical beings) or spirit (spiritual beings). Depending on our focus, our experience of all the "stuff" that can show up in our lives can be poles apart.

I have lived holding the focus of the physical for most of my life and have had my share of challenges and suffering. About 9 years ago, I serendipitously slipped into the self discovery of identifying myself as spirit living in a human body, and that has shown me to be much more in alignment with what I believe to be, the truth. So what's the difference between the two?

Having lived in both perspectives, I can say without question, one allows pain and suffering, the other doesn't. Now, I realize I have arms, legs, gallbladder, kidneys, brain etc., but those organs and body parts do not make up who I am. If for some reason, an organ becomes ill-functioning and is removed, who I am is not changed. If a body is grossly damaged and there is nothing left that resembles the human form that once was, the who of you is unchanged. When one becomes very old and is no longer able to do the things they once did, the truth of them is not changed.

I see this as exciting news, knowing body parts will wear out, we may become ill, we will all grow older, and our bodies will eventually die, yet the spirit of each of us will continue to "be".

I am not one to seek needless suffering, so it is my focus to remember I am spirit, not a body. That which makes up me is actually connected and one with that which makes you. When all is said and done, our experiences in these human bodies give us the opportunity to do our best in letting the two entities meld. When we pay more, (or at least as much) attention to nurturing our spiritual selves, the physical body can also respond in a very positive way. Life can be more comfortable, happier and generally easier.

It is my belief, without question, the better and the sooner we learn this, the more joyful our experience in our physical bodies can be. Would you like to join me in this perspective?

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