Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Feed the Soul

There are several people in my life that feed my soul. What I mean by that is when I am around them, I feel naturally good. Natural (or naturally) to me means I can't help but feel authentic joy and be at my best. The good piece of this description means happy good. In other words....I feel light, enthusiastic and excited when my soul is fed.

This afternoon I met my good friend, Molly for lunch. Although our meals were delicious the main course and focus of our time together was sharing what has been happening in our lives. By simply listening and being with one another our souls were fed. It was stimulating and fun to share in that way.

How sad it must be for some that do not give themselves the opportunity to be with someone in a soul feeding sort of way. What is ironic for those that may believe they aren't interesting enough or lovable enough, it is simply by their not believing their own worth that can create an empty feeling life.

The good news is feeding the soul can happen in many ways....like reading an inspirational book, prayer, taking a course, watching a movie, experiencing and learning through personal challenges , and of course, by having people in your life that you love and trust. At the top of that list of those you love and trust should be yourself. After all, you're with you all the time and can feed that soul of yours whenver it's hungry.

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