Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Weeeeeeeee in Wii

Earlier today I stopped by Country Terrace, an assisted living facility, to visit my Mom. When I walked through the sitting area on my way to her apartment, I discovered her there with her friend, and fellow nonagenarian, Norma. My brother was also present and the three were in the middle of a hot game of Wii bowling. When they were finished (my Mom won), I was invited to join them.

If you have never played Wii bowling, it's really quite fun. The little characters on the screen can be made to resemble the actual players that are holding their remote-like controls that release the ball. The arm motion, aim and release are very similar to the real deal kind of bowling.

We played two more games and my Mom won one and tied Norma in one. I came in at the bottom of the lineup without complaint, since competition is not high on my list of values. Observing and admiring my Mom and Norma stand up repeatedly (not an easy task) to take their turns, and then follow through with the release of their ball, showing delight for their spares and strikes and being totally into the game, was the main object of fun for me.

Of course, my brother, a competitor to the core, was once again humiliated in defeat by not one nonagenarian, but two. He does not deliberately lose, but instead claims my Mom "gets into his head" to psych him out resulting in his growing losing streak.

Being a witness to this bowling showdown put the Weeeeeeeee in Wii for me.

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