Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Leafing The Pages of 2008

Every year on the 31st of December I enjoy leafing through my appointment book to take stock of the happenings listed on its pages for the past 12 months. Of course, there are many things that occurred that were not planned or scheduled, yet seeing all of the events that were, they are a great reminder to me to be grateful for all.

Some of the scheduled events were many trips, short ones and long ones. I see I attended several parties of all types....birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holiday functions, Pamper Chef, Premier Jewelry and one wedding. I see there were many meals with friends.... in restaurants and those we hosted in our home, as well as those where we were the guests. There were lots of picnics and a wonderful Sistaaaaaas week-end that were scheduled.

I'm reminded of several great workshops that David and I led and a great one that we attended. As I scan the pages I see the names of some wonderful clients that I worked with this year and some I am thankful to have been with for several years. My appointments for volunteer work for the Obama campaign, the ACS and Samaritan House had their place. It was fun to be reminded of the happenings with Project: Inside Out, including two Ropes Courses, student interviews, weekly school visits and final parties.

There were some family medical crisis, deaths and births that show scheduled visits to the hospital and reminders to self of sending cards expressing sympathy and our congratulations.

There were some shopping trips, afternoon coffee connections, massages, facials and hairdresser appointments, post cancer check ups and my introduction to acupuncture.

I attended many plays, rehearsals, personal performances, concerts and art shows.

Some of the planned events written in my book were canceled due to weather and some due to a change in my intention or choice.

It's fun to turn the pages back, reflecting on all that occurred and once again feeling the speed of how it all seemed to have taken place.

After taking the time to reflect and be grateful for all the experiences, joys and learning 2008 gave me, I have closed my book and filed it away. These are now days that are gone. What remains, however is the gratitude for my life....for my family, my health, my friends, my work, my community and all the ways I get to enjoy what is present now.

I wonder what will fill the pages for my 2009 appointment book.

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