Friday, January 2, 2009

Dare to Dream

Something I've noticed when talking to people about their dreams, is they sometimes try to keep them reasonable. They tend to avoid dreaming beyond what makes sense or is feasible. If they can't imagine exactly how it may come about, then the dream gets dashed.

I believe this is a disservice to dreams and to the dreamer. I believe dreams are just that.....a dream, or something intangible that can't be contained. It's a colorful imagination at work which does not have to make sense. When we have dreams while we sleep, unbelievable things occur. These sleep time dreams don't make sense or follow a predictable script. Isn't that part of the entertainment and the fun of dreaming?

My question is "Why not enjoy the process of daytime dreaming?" Why not let ourselves loose with imagining things beyond what we dared to dream before? Why not enjoy the feelings that come with creating these dreams? If we are in fear about not making them real or having them materialize, then we actually suck the life and joy out of them. What we're left with is a life-less imagination.

So, what to do? I say, dream....dream away....dream with wild abandon and have fun in your process. Dreaming in this way does not block what you are wanting to enter your reality. On the contrary, having joy and fun in the dreaming process actually aids to the dreams becoming "real" in the traditional and physical sense.

So, if your dream involves some physical challenge which some may say is impossible, such as flying around at will, focus and enjoy the feelings that would be present if you could fly, such as wild freedom, joy and oneness with all of nature. If the dream does not materialize exactly as you dreamed it might be, such as with the sprouting of large wings, focus on how else you might experience that feeling of freedom in your life. It may be with a sky dive, starting your own business or meeting a person that shares your dreams.

My suggestion is therefore to dare to limits.... no audits.... no corrections or censure. Don't worry about the hows, whys or if you are deserving. Just have fun feeling reallllly good and watch the unbelievable become a reality!

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