Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Happy Dream

At the beginning of every year, I create a motto or statement that inspires me all year long. I refer to this motto regularly. I keep it as a reminder as to how I want to live. Some past mottoes were All is Well, Gracious and Spacious, Good Enough is Not Enough, the letter L, and Remembering. When I come up with something it has to resonate with me by creating a feeling of joy and peace. My motto does not have to make sense to someone else or sound smart or catchy. It is the personal meaning that lies underneath it that keeps me inspired all year long.

My motto for 2009 is The Happy Dream, a reference from A Course in Miracles. What this statement means to me is that since I consider my life to be a dream of sorts, from which I will awaken some day, I am reminded to keep my focus on being happy. It doesn't mean I find disasters or catastrophes to be amusing, but it does mean I can be peaceful and accepting, no matter what situations occur in my life's storyline.

When I sleep I seldom have bad dreams or nightmares. My nighttime dreams are typically pretty funny and entertaining. I observe myself in the dreams to be simply curious about the unusual happenings and not frightened by them. In my sleep, I tend to be unscathed by the challenges that show up. I see the humor in it all. I also look for some meaning to the events that play out. I look for messages that I should note as well as the lessons I can apply to life when I'm awake.

In my waking life, which is actually also a dream, I plan on keeping this same perspective and remember the Happy Dream. It is my intention to live my life in a state of happy dreams that amuse me, that give me lessons to learn and messages to understand. I will remember not to take life so seriously and to trust that I am never alone. If I notice myself feeling unhappy, then my inner alarm will go off reminding me of my motto. From there, I can simply ask myself how I want to be in this dream episode.

The main thing for me to remember is to be happy. My being reactive, fearful, angry, resentful or hurt will not change any of the circumstances. If I can remember this life is just a dream, then I can hopefully keep my mind open for the lessons and the meanings while I experience happiness in my waking dream.

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